Jonathan Morgan received his Bachelor's Degree from North Carolina State University where he majored in philosophy and mathematics. He studied Set Theory with Prof Harvey Charlton, who was my ( Dr. Paul H. Carr) classmate at MIT.

Jonathan is working toward a MTS in psychology and theology at Boston University's School of Theology. He is particularly interested in understanding spirituality and its relationship to mental health. He sees psychology and neuroscience as providing critical ways for understanding the often murky terrain of our subjective experience of consciousness. He also takes religion seriously, for its ability to heal and to harm. Psychology provides a powerful lens for understanding why religion can be so powerful in either direction. He believes that psychology and religion are natural partners in the quest for understanding who we are and how we engage in meaning. He likes Paul Tillich's theology because it is psychologically informed.

After completing his MTS in 2013, he plans to pursue a doctorate in psychology, where he will continue to explore the intersection of psychology and religion.

Paul and Auburn Carr Scholarship