Paul Henry Carr


To the top of the mountain one day I did go,

For the see all the scenes that a summit can show.

For the work and the toil up the long yet small trail,

The perspective was fine where good views do prevail.

To the right to the left, all around from the heights,

Are the things which make wonderful, colorful sights:

The small farm-house and barn, the big mill in the town,

They do all have a place as the climber looks down.

The small ponds, like some emeralds clear,

Are all scattered about, like dew-drops so sheer.

The big lake, like a sheet of the clearest of glass,

Which is blue as the sky that does over us pass.

If immense and important or tiny and small,

The Great God has a place in the world for us all.

I wrote this as a Boston Latin School English Assignment in 1951.
It was inspired by my climb the summer before to the top of the PINNACLE, which overlooks Richford, VT from the Canadian Border.