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Wednesday, 16 March 2005

MIT Lincoln Laboratory Auditorium

Refreshments: 3:30 PM, Talk 4 - 5 PM

Joint Meeting with the IEEE Life Members


Phased Arrays and Radar Past, Present and Future

Dr. Eli Brookner, Raytheon Systems Company, Sudbury, MA


Phased arrays have seen a phenomenal growth in the last 3 decades. PATRIOT, AEGIS and IRIDIUM programs have each manufactured and deployed over 100s of phased arrays. With the growing need for phased arrays for radar and communication systems (like for DD(X), the future replacement for AEGIS, the COBRA JUDY Replacement intelligence ship system, MILSTAR, F-22, F-15 and F-18), phased arrays are on threshold of even more extensive use around the world. It is planned to deploy over the next decade more than 200 solid state active electronic phased arrays (AESA) using microwave integrated-circuit transceiver (T/R) modules called MMIC for the F-15 and over 400 for the F-18. This talk will cover past accomplishments and future trends, specifically: Passive phased arrays; discrete solid state active electronic phased arrays; MMIC active phased ; State-of-the-art of T/R modules; DARPA $10 module; Digital Beam Forming; Development of sophisticated adaptive array algorithms and hardware; A/D converter technology -- direct A/D sampling at UHF with 8 bit A/D at 3 GHz rate, at L-band with 10 bit A/D at 2 GHz rate, both at room temperature (needed 4 K just a few years ago); Phenomenal advances in signal and data processing speed and memory which will make advanced algorithms feasible

Dr. Eli Brookner received his MEE and Dr.Sc from Columbia Univ. in 1955 and 1962 respectively. Dr. Brookner has been at the Raytheon Comp. since 1962, where he is a Principal Fellow. There he has worked on the ASDE-X radar, ASTOR Air Surveillance Radar, RADARSAT II, Affordable Ground Based Radar (AGBR), and major Space Based Radar programs. Prior to Raytheon he worked on radar at Columbia Univ. Electronics Research Lab. [now RRI], Nicolet and Rome AF Lab.

He is a Fellow of the IEEE, AIAA, and MSS. He was awarded the IEEE 2003 Warren White Award for Excellence in Radar Engineering "For Significant Advances in Development and Education of Phased Array Radars". He has published 4 books, the most recent being Tracking and Kalman Filtering Made Easy, John Wiley and Sons, Inc., 1998. His previous 3 books were Practical Phased Array Antenna Systems (1991), Aspects of Modern Radar (1988), and Radar Technology (1977) all published by Artech House. He gives courses on Radar, Phased Arrays and Tracking around the world (22 countries). Over 8000 have attended these courses.

Meeting will be held at the Lincoln Lab Auditorium at 4:00 PM. Refreshments will be served at 3:30 PM. Registration is in the main lobby. may also pre-register by e-mail to Roslyn Wesley, rwesley@ll.mit.edu; please indicate your citizenship.  You will not receive a confirmation of your pre-registration, however, your badge will be ready for you when you register. Please use the Wood Street Gate.  For other information, contact Ed Altshuler, Chairman, at (781)377-4662, or edward.altshuler@hanscom.af.mil