..HANSCOM CHAPTER….. Fostered Research Excellence at the Air Force Research Laboratory and the MIT Lincoln Laboratory for 59 Years


Nominations for Young Investigator Award


 Vice President: Anthony Midey, Ph. D.  Excellims Corp., 20 Main St., Acton, MA 01720.  Work phone: 978-264-1980, x156.


 President: Paul H. Carr, Ph. D. AFRL/RYHA,

Secretary: Robert Hartwell, Ph. D.

Treasurer: Irving Michael, Ph. D. Telephone: 781 275 7634



30 April 2011, FINAL BANQUET Dr. Mark T. Maybury, Air Force Chief Scientist, “SMART PEOPLE, SMART SYSTEMS, SMART POWER” SigmaXi_AF chief scientist addresses final banquet.htm

18 Oct 2009., Prof. James M. Moran, Chairman of the Astronomy Department, Donald H. Menzel Professor of Astrophysics at Harvard University, & Senior Scientist at the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory. SUPERMASSIVE BLACK HOLES

26 Oct 08, Dr. Charles W. Forsberg, Executive Director, MIT Nuclear Fuel Cycle Project

Nuclear-Fossil, Nuclear-Bio, Nuclear-Renewable Futures    Photos at


28 Oct 07 "Cape Wind Energy Project." Mark Rogers


2006 October 29, Prof. Eric J. Heller, Harvard University Professor of Chemistry & Physics

Picture Perfect: Persuasion, Politics, and Prejudice Surrounding the Scientific Image, 1800 - 2006


2005 October 16: Prof. Owen Gingerich, Harvard University Research Professor of Astronomy & the History of Science, Senior Astronomer Emeritus, Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory.

The Book Nobody Read: Chasing the Revolutions of Nicholas Copernicus………….See Banquet Photos

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2004: Prof. Alan Guth, MIT Victor F. Weisskopf Professor of Physics, Winner of the 2004 Cosmology Prize of the Peter Gruber Foundation

The Inflationary Universe: The Quest for a Theory of Cosmic Origins


2003: MGen. Ret. Patrick Sculley, D. D. S. Executive Director of Sigma Xi, inducted New Members including

MGen Paul Nielsen, Commander AF Research Laboratory, who gave the keynote address

A Career in Research: The Privileges and the Responsibilities

Photos by Donald Hunton