Hanscom Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society, Meetings

13 Jan 10.   Autonomous Underwater Vehicles by Dr. Seth O. Newburg

 9 Dec 09. “Cyber Attacks, Cyber Warfare & Prepardness.” Robert Nesbit

  4 Nov 09. “Meeting Our Nation’s Energy Goals.” Dr. Darryl Greenwood.

18 Oct 09 Banquet  Supermassive Black Holes.” Prof. James M. Moran

14 Oct 09,Cape Wind Energy Project: Final Stages.” Mark Rogers, Communications Director



20 Nov 07, "New Results on Water in Bulk, Nonoconfined, & Bio Environments." Prof. H. Eugene Stanley, Boston Universtiy.

28 Oct 07 BANQUET "Cape Wind Energy Project." Mark Rogers

17 Oct 07, "Beauty and Creativity in Science & Technology." Dr. Paul H. Carr, AF Res. Lab.

27 Sept 07, "Astounding Breakthroughs in Phased-Arrays & Radars." Dr. Eli Brookner, Raytheon Company


23 May 07, "Divisive Technology: The Impact of the Internet on Presidential Campaigning." D. Sunshine Hillygus, Harvard.

4 April 07 "Science, Technology, & Public Policy." W. D. Kay, Northeastern

6 Mar 07 "On the Global Energy Future & Science's Challenge to Power the Planet."

Daniel G. Nocera, MIT

1 Feb 2007  "Nanoelectromechanical Sensing & Metrology." Kamil Ekinci, BU

10 Jan 2007 "Is Global Warming Affecting Hurricanes?" by Kerry Emanuel, MIT

6 Dec 2006 "GCA: a WW II Radar System for Landing Aircraft" by Charles Fowler

16 Nov 2006 "Response of Coral Reefs to Climate Change: Past Evolution to Forecast the

Future." Andre Droxler, Rice University.

29 Oct 2006 Banquet: Picture Perfect: Persuasion, Politics, and Prejudice in Scientific Images

5 Oct 2006 "Nuclear Renaissance" by Prof. Ian H. Hutchinson, MIT

13 Sept 2006 "LES-8/9: Thirty Years of Orbital Service," Dr. Bill Ward, Lincoln Laboratory


13 June 2006 Stochastically Assembled Nanotechnology Architectures

11 May 2006 Ultrasonic Flowmeters: Learning by Going With & Against the Flow

26 April 2006 Visions of Radars in Space

22 Mar 2006 Nanotechnology: where is it headed? How to get there?

15 Feb 2006, Detection of Explosives using X-ray Computed Tomography

30 Nov 2005, LIGHTS IN THE SKY: Aurora, Airglow, and Artificial Optical Emissions 

8 Nov 2005, Wrapping Light Around a Hair: Silica Nanowires for Optical Components

16 Oct 2005, BANQUET, The Book Nobody Read: Chasing the Revolutions of Copernicus

27 Sep 2005, Lanchester's Laws & Asymmetric Warfare


1 June 2005, Digital Television & Video Storage Technology

19 April 2005, Applications of Superconducting Electronics: Successes, Prospects, and Limitations

16 March 2005, Phased Arrays and Radar – Past, Present and Future